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Don't burn every bridge that you cross, because you may need to return to a certain place and time in life.

True Love's Reward: A Sequel to Mona: Mrs Georgie Sheldon: Books

Even if the return is just simply to reminisce and have a greater appreciation of where you are now and to see how far you've come, or perhaps to re-think and learn from your past experiences. We've all made mistakes that we choose not to remember, but if you don't look back from time to time, then how will you avoid making the same mistakes?

Look back and learn is the key--not look back and regret. Navigate through all the bad and get to all the good, then build your new life on a better platform than before. However, when you look back, avoid the GAZE. The gaze has the power to hold you captive to your past, i. But your goal should be to reconstruct your life using new building materials that will last; and your goal should also be to do things right this time around, no matter what structure you're planning to build.

Ultimately, when building you , build your absolute best! Inner Awareness and Ability Every major decision I've made or creative idea that created a buzz, was governed by my instinct. In some cases, a college degree is not enough knowledge to make quality decisions that affect people and projects worldwide. Your multi-million dollar project may very well require--instinct. A board meeting, staff and team meeting, organized for brainstorming might not fit the bill either.

Truck Stop Reward Programs. Who Sucks!

So what's left? You'll have to make that final decision or perhaps you'll have to be innovative and come up with a new strategy all together. Well, what do you do? First, I suggest getting alone with yourself; clear your mind of all the chatter from others; silence even your own thoughts of what to desperately do next. Second, wait patiently for that still small voice to unction you to move forward with your project timing is everything ; let your instinct promoter show you the plan from the end to the beginning.

That's right. That's backwards. This is key because catching a glimpse of the outcome will motivate you to begin. But it's never a loss if you learn from it. Winners are people who PRESS on in every direction to achieve their success, no matter the obstacles.

Winning consists of multiple times of falling, failing, stumbling, etc.

Falling requires getting back up; failing requires rebuilding; and stumbling requires equilibrium adjustments. When there are restraints on you, stumbling blocks in you way, mountains you cannot climb or move, trauma from the past, and all forms of hindrances deterring you--you'll have to PRESS on.

Mona (Dodo Press)

Don't allow any persuasion or power to deter you from your mandates and heart's desires in life. Be the bulldozer you were created to be and not the pushover everybody expects you to be. No Turning Back. You've come too far just to come this far. The finish line is within reach, and that's your goal, the finish line, remember?

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You started this journey to prove to the world that you had it in you, right? Of course you did.

Notes from a bookish life on the Cornish coast …

So, now's the time to kick in gear and allow all of that momentum, stamina, perseverance, endurance, motivation, faith, and inspiration to catapult you straight ahead. If you're waiting for someone to encourage you when you're feeling a little down and out, you might be waiting quite awhile. In today's world, people look to get paid for motivating you, etc. And without money, some people aren't motivated to motivate.

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The key is to keep moving ahead no matter what, because turning back is not an option. Well, metaphorically, so is your emotional heart the seat of your emotions. People are prone to play with your affections if allowed. What's meant to be, will indeed be. Most people don't allow their TRUE character to show forth until at least 5 to 6 months after the connection.

Stay the course if you believe it's worth the time investment. Just chill out a little bit, and harness your emotions. Caution: your emotions will almost always trap you in something you'll later regret. Trust me, I've helped many who were crushed. As for me, life is sweet! Smooth, calm, and steady And it works quite well for me. Try adapting this mindset. You wont regret it! It might not get any better than this. Let me explain. If life was rocky and hard for you in the previous year, that could be a sign that this year will be your BEST.

If you did your do diligence by planning your work and then working your plan, you are all set for success. After that, you must connect with the right people who will assist in helping you reach your goals. Collaboration is key! While on this new journey of obtaining optimal success wealth and health: true success , remember to serve and meet the needs of others also.

People love to engage in projects that benefits them as well. Enjoy your journey! Perhaps this is true. True love or unconditional love can only be found when unselfish people pair up. These are the types of people who will never give up on you, even when your behavior is uncouth and sometimes out of character. They are also the types of people who understand that love is a decision and not just a feeling.

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  • Enhance everything about yourself, strengthen all areas of weakness, and allow the healing process to begin for all forms of brokenness. Become a giver contributor and not just a receiver. And perhaps before you know it, true love will find you! The success of experiencing an effective, positive change in the new year will indeed be predicated on how well you've planned and implemented your previous plans all year long. The success of your future is connected to what you do today. It all leads up to something. The new year will simply be an overlap of the successes and failures of the past year if you don't construct it properly.

    Everything that you desire to do or have in life requires a foundation to build on. Things just don't happen, they are made to happen with a lot of planning. And the way you begin your construction is generally the way it ends. My goal for is to impact the lives of over 7 million 7,, people! Envision it. Carry it out. And own it in the upcoming year! It all begins with a dialogue, and it almost always ends when one person dominates the conversation with a monologue.