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Angell publishes The province of functional psychology. Lightner Witmer publishes Clinical psychology.

The significance of William James' ideas for modern psychotherapy

Jung publishes The Psychology of Dementia Praecox. Edward Ross publishes Social Psychology: an outline and source book. Walter Dill Scott publishes Psychology of Advertising. Hunter establishes a psychological laboratory at the University of New Zealand. Healy establishes in Chicago the first psychological clinic attached to a juvenile court. Maria Montessori publishes Corso di pedagogia cientifica The method of scientific pedagogy applied to child education.


Hugo Munsterberg develops attitude test for streetcar drivers. Sigmund Freud publishes The origin and development of psychoanalysis. Jung publish The association method. Elton Mayo was appointed to lectureship in philosophy at the University of Queensland , Australia.

  1. Chapter 7 Functionalism: Development and Founding.
  2. Travels with Judy: In Search of Steinbecks America!
  3. Today: Past, present and future.

Edward Thorndike publishes Animal intelligence. The Journal of Animal Behavior is established. Titchener publishes The schema of introspection. George Brett publishes A History of Psychology. The first text which announces in its title that psychology was the study of behaviour, by William McDougall, appears.

George H. Jung departs from freudian views and develops his own theories.

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  • Angell, James Rowland (1869 - 1949)?
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  • The significance of William James' ideas for modern psychotherapy;
  • Claves para vivir más y mejor (Spanish Edition).
  • Edward Titchener publishes On "Psychology as the behaviorist views it , the official reply to Watson. Hugo Munsterberg uses the term Psychotechnics. Sigmund Freud publishes the metapsychological work On repression. First department of psychology in India is established at Calcutta University. Terman publishes The measurement of intelligence. The Journal of Experimental Psychology is established. Wilson and Wilson publish The Motivation of School Work , the first book to have the word motivation in its title.

    Margaret Floy Washburn publishes Movement and mental imagery: outline of a motor theory of the complexes mental process. A complete account of E. Thorndike's studies is published in the Egyptian journal Al-Muktataf.

    The Journal of Applied Psychology is established. Kurt Lewin publishes his first professional work: Kriegslandchaft. In Dresden, Germany, a psychotechnical laboratory for training of railroad engineers is established. Cai Yuanpei establishes at Beijing University the first psychological laboratory in China. Robert S. Woodworth publishes Dynamic Psychology, in which introduces the concept of drive. Knight Dunlap publishes Are they any instincts? John B. William McDougal publishes The group mind.

    The first Chinese psychology independent department, at Nanjing University. Edward C.

    The Province of Functional Psychology

    Koffka writes in the Psychological Bulletin the introductory statement of the Gestalt position for American psychologists. Walter Lippman publishes Public Opinion. Cattell states: " The army intelligence tests have put psychology on the map of United States". The Laboratory of Psychology of Engenho de Dentro is established. Sigmund Freud publishes The Ego and the Id. Max Wertheimer publishes Laws of organization in perceptual forms. Isaias Alves works in the Brazilian adaptation of Binet-Simon's scale. Floyd Allport publishes Social Psychology.

    Thurstone publishes The nature of intelligence. Max Wertheimer publishes Gestalt theory. The Indian Psychological Association is established.

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    Harvey Carr publishes Psychology: a study of the mental activity. Strong publishes The Psychology of Selling and Advertising. Viennese psychoanalyst Karl Abraham publishes Psychoanalytical studies about the Character Formation. Moved to Germany. Studied under Helmholtz and Wundt. Came back to the US and admitted himself into an asylum. Everyone who was someone had Neurasthenia. Treatment for Neurasthenia. Men: Medicine and rest. Women: 6 weeks in bed, eating fatty foods and gaining weight, no social lives whatsoever, and no reading. Taught at Harvard for 1 year; went to Italy; came back and taught Psychology classes. Opened the first Psychology Lab in the US. His father chose his wife. Thought married life was boring. Went to Germany frequently and fell in love with women, told his wife about it, she was pissed, he said why?

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    I am a loveable man!! Continued to teach at Harvard. Attacked the Structuralists. Gave a man named Munsterberg his lab and classes. Stream of Consciousness: continuous and personal to the individual. The purpose of consciousness is to adapt to the environment. Pragmatism: validity of ideas is measured by their practical consequences.

    Believed in introspection like Wundt, but James believed strongly in supplementing introspection with something else. Particularly, he compared other people. Pre-James: I am scared, so I run. You react due to emotion. Emotion causes a physiological response. James: I run, so I am scared. A physiological response occurs and then you assign an emotion to it. Material Self body, family, all things owned. Social Self self known by others ex. You are a daughter, girlfriend, and wife. Habit: an idea of an action precedes the causes of the action; habits are performed when an activity is repeated.

    October 4, Before this time, women were not allowed to be a part of the field of psychology, because women were considered inferior to men. Variability Hypothesis Darwin was behind this : the notion that men show a wider range and variation of physical and mental development than women; the abilities of women are seen as more average. Worked with James at Harvard. Studied at Harvard, but was not awarded a degree. Never received a formal degree. Got an honorary degree from Columbia University.

    Developed Self Psychology.