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A music school run by the Czech military has been based in Roudnice since the s.

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William let them stay after he took over, if only because they pay rent. But budget cuts will force the school to move out at the end of the year, leaving William scrambling for new revenue sources. And having a little museum next door that you can visit?

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He sounds delusional, but William has overcome the odds before. The winery and brewery he got back, for instance, were inefficient operations, bloated with Communist appointees collecting paychecks for doing nothing.

He had to learn, from scratch, how to run these complex businesses, and eventually resolved to cut staff in order to turn a profit. Other ventures have required repurposing his possessions in a way his ancestors had never intended.

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Nelahozeves, the first castle William and Sandra turned into a museum, now is like one of those old mansions you tour in the Berkshires, with rooms set up as if still occupied, and when Lobkowicz Palace in Prague opened last spring, it, too, was as a museum—with an audio tour narrated by William. Clients pay tens of thousands of dollars to rent out one of his castles, for instance, but that barely covers the overhead. The money woes also extend to his museums, which are only breaking even. Rising wages and increased costs of goods and services have made his properties even more costly to fix up and staff.

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Who knows? I hope not. Search for: Search.

The Prince and the Pauper (1996) Episode 1

The Prince and the Pauper, Part 4. Mark Twain. Their way was unobstructed until they approached London Bridge; then they ploughed into the multitude again, Hendon keeping a fast grip upon the Prince's-no, the King's-wrist. The tremendous news was already abroad, and the boy learned it from a thousand voices at once-"The King is dead! He realised the greatness of his loss, and was filled with a bitter grief; for the grim tyrant who had been such a terror to others had always been gentle with him.

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The tears sprang to his eyes and blurred all objects. For an instant he felt himself the most forlorn, outcast, and forsaken of God's creatures-then another cry shook the night with its far-reaching thunders: "Long live King Edward the Sixth!

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