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Her asthma could sideline her… or worse.

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Still, Hannah wanted to run. She was good at the sport and she was willing to live with the risks. You might have a disability. It could be a stutter or heart disease or a mental disorder. Figure out a way to lead through your disability. Hannah did this by carrying her inhaler while she ran.

You can find a way to work through yours. Running cross country is about endurance. You have to push through fatigue, pain, mental barriers to reach the finish line. To be a great leader, you have to endure for the long term. Be an endurance leader. Coach Harrison went to the hospital with his pastor.

His pastor needed someone to go with him to do hospital visits. Thomas had been a runner when he was healthy.

He was a darn good runner at that. When Coach Harrison discovered Thomas had been a runner, he asked Thomas for advice in coaching runners. This was something new to Coach Harrison but old hat to Thomas. As Coach Harrison listened, he learned what it took to coach runners. He learned running tips and tricks. More than that, he learned he needed to listen to learn. Are you listening like Coach Harrison did?

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You need to be willing to listen to those with more experience than you. They will be able to pour into your life and help you lead your organization better.

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You can learn so much by listening. Coach Harrison was upset. He went outside and began cleaning a pile of bricks that had sat outside for months. He needed time to cool off and chill. Amy went out to talk to him and realized what he was doing. Coach Harrison was pouting. She saw this and called him out.

The Portrait of a Overcomer part i

Sometimes we will do things that seem important. We might push papers or write up a new vision statement. The next time you go do busywork, think about the reason behind it. Are you doing it because the work needs to be done or are you pouting? Instead, they try to capture the real world. The people are real and the dialogue can be spotty but it is real. People prefer things that are real. There can be mistakes made in your leadership. Look to be real rather than looking good. Thomas asked Coach Harrison who he was. When Coach responded that he was a coach, Thomas knew coach was just skimming the surface.

John was more than that.

Stephen’s Highlights from Ephesians

As Thomas and John began to strip back the layers, John discovered an ugly truth. If all was stripped away, John believed he would still be a Christian. Then Thomas smacked him upside the head with his next question. The question was: Why did it take so many titles to get to the title of Christian? Was John really living out a Christian life?

Do you know who you truly are when all is stripped away? Those are just titles. Think about this. Get to the root of who you are. You need to know this to stay grounded. You can tell who you are by what you give your heart to. So, my question to you is, what are you giving your heart to? John learned something startling about Thomas and Hannah. Hannah was the daughter Thomas had given to her grandmother, Barbara Scott Denise Armstrong , 15 years ago.

This created a conundrum for John and Amy. Do they reveal the truth to Hannah? Do they introduce them to each other? What should be done? The questions raced through their minds. They eventually realized what they must do. They needed to pray. I know every great leader needs to do this as well. Praying to God will give you clarity. It will give you a line of communication with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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Prayer will move mountains and give you insights into areas you may be struggling. Real leaders pray.

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  5. He did his parents proud by showing up at one of the cross country meets. Not only did he show up, but he also brought along other students from the school. He and his fellow classmates chose to cheer on and encourage Hannah as she ran. This was a powerful moment for Coach Harrison, Hannah, and the school. The encouragement everyone brought touched Hannah. It encouraged her to continue running.

    Overcomer: The Kendrick Brothers Tackle Our Identity in Christ

    Encouragement is a powerful tool in leadership. But we can take this a step further. They also need to hear it from each other. Learn to create an environment where team members encourage one another. Hannah was having a rough day. Being a runner, I know how Hannah felt. Instead, he asked her if she would like to take the day off of running. You will feel burned out or frustrated. Know you can take a day off. You need time to recharge and refresh. Principal Brooks helped lead Hannah to the Lord. Afterward, she encouraged Hannah to go and read Ephesians 1 and 2. She told Hannah to read these scriptures and begin to write down what these scriptures said she was.

    The list Hannah came up with was long. The list was also powerful. I am created by God. His Son died for me, just so I could be forgiven. He redeemed me, so I am wanted. She was just very gracious and humble, wanting to learn from the director. She was a great listener and we had an opportunity to just kid around, enjoy ourselves while we were filming, and enjoy getting to know one another. I have great expectations for that young woman, and not just in film if she chooses to continue to pursue that.

    But just in her own personal relationship with the Lord. She's experienced a little bit of hardship. Her mom was having a lot of health issues at the time we were filming and her tenderness toward God and seeing God move in the life of her mom was evident. She brought that to the story.