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We need more menfolk hanging around coz the bitches, we get lonely. These came out on the cusp of the huge paranormal romance boom, are set in France, and are darker in tone. Emma Holly is a big name in paranormal, steampunk, and erotic romance. One of her series is about medieval werewolves upyr.

All things Were

You might consider some straight-up non-paranormal historical romances. I quoted a little of the history here. The wolves in this series are tied to the lunar cycle, but she does a wolf very well. More votes for Kelley Armstrong and Patricia Briggs. Another werewolf series worth checking out is the trilogy begun but never finished by Donna Boyd.

The Dark History of Werewolves in Europe (Occult History Explained)

Well written without too many love interests or the agony of decision being drawl out too much. She also handles the family structures nicely and the Alpha Males which you def have to have are believable. If you really want to know what to stay away from, go back and read the Laurell K Hamilton complaints.

This thread has me desperately trying to remember the author or titles of a three brother werewolf series. I read two of them, the Lord brother and the Gypsy brother, and I think they were Regency period. Definitely England. If you want a bibliography you can go here. I second Bitten. Makes the brain ponder. But I still wonder. The second book of that series, Fool Moon, features werewolves and several interesting romances. For stuff to avoid doing? Well jeez…Christen Feehan, but her books sell and are like crack—-one time is all that it takes and you end up reading her whole catalogue.

Keep to her Carpathian novels. Its one of my favorite wolf-included romances. I found Bitten needed the online prequels. Once I had that backstory, I loved the werewolf series. I also recommend Susan Squires. She does historical paranormals that are very well-written, very original. The dude gets it on with ice.

THE LAST WEREWOLF - Coffee Time Romance & More

Again, not romance genre but certainly fits nicely I think. I have to second the Laurell K. Hamilton series as a no-no, though when I first read them, I think I was okay with the first three in the Anita Blake series. After that the plot just becomes an excuse for rampant, random naughtiness with all manner of werefolk and the undead. Brother Alf is a 13th century monk, known for the beauty of his music.

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During the course of the book, he gets caught up in the Crusades Richard the Lionheart and meets Thea, a Greek woman and fellow elf who has the ability to shift shape. I read the first volume recently. It was pretty good. I find Susan Squires uneven. Nalini Singh does contemp.

Christine Feehan is ok. Ok, Ok, here are some more suggestions of werewolf titles: Fire Rose by Mercedes Lackey San Francisco, magician caught in a werewolf spell, turn of the century ; Nadya:the wolf chroniclesby Pat Murphy 19th century US, trek cross country ; To catch a wolf and others by Susan Krinard set in Western US, late 19th century?

In part, to get an installment out before everyone forgot the series, and in part to buy time while Brandon Sanderson worked on the next two part. It still took Sanderson 3 years to finish the last of the 3 books he co-authored.


Unlike some authors, Jordan did not make arrangements with another author while still living to finish his work, though he knew he was dying. Not unusual. From the year the first book was published till the year the last book was published, the series took 23 years. That is an entire generation of human existence. So, fans are understandably concerned with aging Georger R. Martin and his Song of Fire and Ice series. That takes a lot of time and focus AWAY from writing. Or Scott Lynch and his Gentleman Bastards series.

I should know. I had the book on pre-order. David Eddings d. Tolkein d. Robert Jordan d. I liked it after I got over her style. Another series, Broken Magic is as well. There are numerous novellas associated with it as well. Dystopian, UF, Futuristic Fantasy. Lauren Dane living — Bound by Magic — UF, paranormal romance; 4 books series complete ; Tied several other series involving werewolves, were jaguars, and witches together. For a strong author, the ending was lame and unsatisfying. The Charvez Witches — erotic paranormal romance, UF series that stopped but was not finished.

Our Werewolves Are Different

Kelley Armstrong — The Women of Otherworld — 13 books, numerous novellas and short stories, paranormal romance, UF, complete ; has published stand alone books set in Otherworld; Darkness Rising — 3 book series, YA paranormal completed ; also writes mystery. Jeaniene Frost living — Night Huntress series 6 books,paranormal, paranormal romance, UF complete ; stand alone books in Night Huntress Universe and related Night Prince books on-going. Yasmine Galenorn living — Indigo Court — 4 books complete , UF; Otherworld series on-going at 13 and at 4 more scheduled; also writes mystery.

Some books start as stand alones and end up the first of a series, but unlike a true series, these books are more like mystery or thriller books where the plot is resolved, but the characters continue. Complete in itself, readers want the characters to continue. Stiletto , his second book scheduled for Feb , will continue the characters, but the primary story has in theory been resolved, so a new, but related story will be told. Personally, I found it curious, but not enthralling or exciting in any way.

Harry goes on — even after death, such as it is. Butcher also writes Codex Alera , a separate fantasy series that has never gained the international following of his Dresden books, but sells very well. He has signed a deal for a Steampunk series, which may well have an impact on the Dresden series. Want a perfect example of how UF crosses into Mystery? Butcher had a book-signing scheduled for the release date of Skin Tight at the famous mystery book store in Scottsdale, The Poisoned Pen.

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  • So they can be viewed as related stand alone books or a character driven series, but the story actually starts with his mother and is plot driven! The books read almost as stand alone novels, but link enough that reading them in order is necessary. Horror, dystopian, UF. By the way, Sandman Slim has been optioned for a movie.

    Now, the real question is, when will I write Part 2????? Luckily, the risks were low as it was on PBS and all that was at stake was a few credits. What shocked me most was the fact that I read print books a week fairly consistently. I was NOT the most prolific reader. Yes, there people who read more than I do. I find that comforting. It was also run during tax season, which cut reading time for a lot of folks.

    What did I read?

    She-Wolf: female werewolves

    Most of the books I bought myself, but a number were through PBS.