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Some—mostly non-combatants like [T. Owen had known nothing of Eliot and Pound. This decision to split with the modernist forms isolated the war poets, especially Sassoon, characterizing them as outdated. The second issue of Sassoon post war years was his tumultuous life. The sex was filled with a series of homosexual affairs, which filled the whole decade following the war.

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In he married, had a child, who he loved deeply, while he kept his homosexuality indiscreet. He wrote throughout his life, poetry, satires, novels with mixed results. Toward the end of his life he had a conversion experience to Roman Catholicism, which affected him greatly.

In , Siegfried Sassoon went back to Flanders.

He drove across the battlefields with Glen Byam Shaw, the young actor whom he loved, weeping at the memories. Sassoon had tried politics and lecture tours; he discovered sex, fooling himself that he could reform his decadent lovers, all the time feeling a bit lost. When, in , Blunden went to teach in Japan, Sassoon missed him badly; and nostalgia became more intense as he became less inspired by the present. He would live for another ten years and apparently his new found faith was the only thing that could put his war-torn, dislocated soul at rest.

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Apparently Sassoon was not pleased with it. Here is the poem he wrote. On Passing the New Menin Gate. By Siegfried Sassoon. Who will remember, passing through this Gate,. Who shall absolve the foulness of their fate,-. Those doomed, conscripted, unvictorious ones? Crudely renewed, the Salient holds its own.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Poem-book of the Gael, by Eleanor Hull.

Paid are its dim defenders by this pomp;. Paid, with a pile of peace-complacent stone,. The armies who endured that sullen swamp. Here was the world's worst wound. And here with pride.

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Was ever an immolation so belied. Well might the Dead who struggled in the slime.

Rise and deride this sepulchre of crime. You can hear the entire poem read here. I will also be going through T. Stay tuned for that. As you can see with Sassoon, the experience of war is not pleasant and life-long traumatizing. Tessi Mae. What have you done! No words, just love.

Just love. Krauss does not love poetry. Repeal the 8th. Speak out! Be bold! Be very bold! This is a rifle. Your halo grows. The joke is on us! Open the fucking gates! This is a platform. You are a moon-base.

No pain no rich bankers. What a good idea! His name is writ in water. Smash every loom! This day is empty. Lock the door. Shut the madness out. Nepotism still reigns in Ireland!

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All end. All Enola Gay. All endocrine. All entrapped. All engaged. All entitled. All endorsement.

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All enthused. All entertainment. All encyclopaedic. All entropy. All enclosed.

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You are reading this. That is the point. When did we get used to this? Mind the gap! The gap is all! Rugby, football, love. Do not look up you fool! The world might have well grown up.