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About Helen McCloy. Helen McCloy. Basil Willing debuted in Dance of Death Willing believes that "every criminal leaves psychic fingerprints, and he can't wear gloves to hide them. McCloy often used the theme of doppelganger, but in the end of the story she showed a psychological or realistic explanation for the seemingly supernatural events. Other books in the series. Basil Willing 1 - 10 of 14 books. Books by Helen McCloy. Trivia About The Deadly Truth. No trivia or quizzes yet.

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The Doctor points out that he also spends a lot of time almost getting killed; that doesn't mean he has to like the experience. Entering the Centre, they find several piles of dead people. The Doctor asks Osgood for her first name, but she asks for his name; going with "Basil", the Doctor learns her full name is Petronella Osgood.

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Not liking it, he tells her they should stick to what they had. They see Etonie hiding near by, and give chase when he runs at the sight of them. Cornered, Etoine explains he was just defending himself; he didn't want to kill those humans. Having trouble keeping his human form due to the zap Bonnie gave him, he says he didn't want to be a part of their war. They try offering help; however, he thinks they may be more of Bonnie's stooges.

Not wanting to live under the rule of Truth or Consequences , Etoine kills himself out of fear. Kate arrives with two guards, telling the Doctor and Osgood that she knows where the nest is; it's also where Clara's pod is.

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The Doctor is elated by the news, telling Kate to lead the way. At the Black Archive, Bonnie skips to the storage room. Smiling, she tells Clara it is so much fun being her, as she just got waged through for simply looking like Clara Oswald. Behind her, two disguised Zygons are wheeling Clara's pod after Bonnie. However, the moment she enters the room, her smile fades at the sight of the Osgood Box.

At the Zygon nest, Kate attempts to show the Doctor where Clara's pod is, only to find it missing. However, the Doctor then realises that he just walked into a trap; the guards turn back into Zygon form. Bonnie calls the Zygons, explaining that she found out why it's called an Osgood Box - there's two of them.

Bonnie has Clara awakened, but learns she doesn't know which of the boxes is the right one; Clara points out that Bonnie should have already known this because their minds are linked. When Bonnie threatens to kill Clara to force his cooperation, the Doctor explains the blue one will revert the Zygons to normal, while the red one kills them. However, much to Bonnie increasing anger, there are two buttons in both boxes, and both say Truth and Consequences.

He refuses to tell which button does which, making Bonnie order his execution. However, Kate shoots the Zygons dead instead. A surprised Doctor asks who she is, to which Kate says "I'm me". When the Zygon attacked her back in New Mexico , Kate emptied her gun into it and took its place to get close to Bonnie.

Kate apologises to the Doctor, knowing he isn't a fan of killing, but would approve of it if done in self-defense. She then smashes the communicator, asking who Osgood is; Osgood states she is herself.

Kate then wonders if that means she's human or Zygon; however, Osgood firmly tells her that she is Osgood and no-one else. The Doctor tells them they don't have time for this; they need to get to the Black Archive. At the Black Archive, Bonnie is pondering her next move.

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Clara tells her that she can't win; however, Bonnie voices the fact that she doesn't care. The Doctor, Osgood and Kate arrive, with the Doctor asking to be let to take the boxes away; without them to cause any more senseless slaughter, they can move on to forgiving and forgetting about Truth or Consequences ' attempt to break the ceasefire. However, Bonnie is defensive, believing that she won't be forgiven for all the deaths she caused.

Kate goes over to the red box, ready to use it to defend the human race, while Bonnie goes to the blue one, ready to liberate the Zygons. The Doctor tells them Bonnie's box will either cause the Zygons to revert to their true forms for an hour or cancels their ability to change form, thus making them human for good; Kate's box will either release " imbecile's gas " a gas poisonous to Zygons created by Harry Sullivan into the atmosphere or detonate the nuclear warhead beneath the Black Archive, destroying London.

I did this on a very important day for me. This ceasefire will stand. The Doctor asks Bonnie what it actually is that she wants, to which she answers: war. He then asks her to paint a picture of what the future will be like; will there be music, jobs, etc? As she can't give an answer, the Doctor scolds her, telling Bonnie that she's like every other tantruming child ; she doesn't actually know what she wants. He further asks what will Bonnie do once everything is right and just, with all "the bad guys" gone, what will protect her "glorious revolution" from the next, because there will still be rebels in any species.

With both Kate and Bonnie willing to press their buttons on the gamble of a chance, the Doctor can't resist making fun of the situation like a game show announcer; he then snaps at them, yelling that isn't a game, but a scale model of every single war in the universe's history. The Doctor continues, saying no matter how right you feel at the beginning, you don't know who's going to die, whose families are going to be torn apart, whose lives are ruined forever. This situation right now in the Black Archive is what it every single war always boils down to: "Sit down and talk!

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Bonnie accuses the Doctor of setting up the entire problem; however, he retorts that it's HER fault because she caused this rebellion. They then get into an argument about what's fair; the Doctor tells her that unfairness it's a part of life. However, Bonnie still refuses to stand down, claiming that she will be punished for her revolution.

The Doctor chides her, comparing her to a child thinking that they're unforgivable.


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He then tells her something that she didn't foresee; he forgives her, after all the horrible things that the splinter group has done. He goes on to explain that the only way to break the senseless cycle of cruelty and hatred is having the ability to forgive others for their mistakes. When Bonnie says the Doctor could never understand her situation, the Doctor is incredulous, he tells her that this little squabble isn't a war; he fought in a bigger war than she will ever know.

Growing angrier and traumatized as he remembers, the Doctor tells her that he did more horrible things that she can imagine and when he closes his eyes, he can still hear the countless screaming of the victims. Clara closes her eyes in response, having seen the Time War herself and knowing of the true horror the Doctor's seen. He tells Bonnie that what you do with this pain is to hold it tight until it burns your hands and you say: "No-one else will ever have to live like this.

No-one else will ever have to feel this pain. Kate, moved by the Doctor's agony, closes the box, which the Doctor quietly thanks her in relief.

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The Doctor turns to Bonnie and smiles, knowing he's persuaded her; when asked how he knows, the Doctor tells her that she has the disadvantage of having Clara's face and the Doctor knows when he's won her over. Bonnie then asks him if the boxes are empty; he confirms this, telling her that she only figured this out by starting to think like him - "it's hell, isn't it?

Telling Kate that she's said that 15 times, the Doctor wiped her memory with the device in the ceiling; Bonnie's guards also had the memories wiped. In short, Bonnie was not persuaded 15 times, so the Doctor kept erasing everyone memories to get a good result. Closing her box, Bonnie asks why her memory was spared; Osgood tells Bonnie that it's because she's part of their team now. Bonnie asks how the Doctor knew she would side with him. He tells her it's the same thing that happened to him; he let Clara Oswald get into his head.

The Doctor explains that he once planned to use a similar box to bring an end to a terrible war because he thought it was the only way. However, thanks to Clara, he was able to come up with a better solution. Bonnie looks at Clara with a smile. The Doctor smiles at Bonnie, telling her that once Clara gets in your head, "she never leaves. Bonnie returns to her nest, telling her comrades the revolution is over and that they're safe. She then abandons Clara's form, returning to her true Zygon self.

Outside the nest, the Doctor asks Osgood to travel with him; however, she turns him down, saying that she needs to be around to make the Nightmare Scenario work out like this again. Per the Doctor's request, Clara hugs Osgood on his behalf. The Doctor tells Osgood that he needs to know which she is: human or Zygon?

Osgood smiles, telling him that she will answer that one day. To the Doctor's shock, another Osgood walks up, telling him that the day will be when the answer doesn't matter. The two of them explain that it wouldn't be okay to use Clara's face when there's a vacancy for an Osgood. Both of them say that it doesn't matter which is Osgood and which is Bonnie, only that Osgood lives. However, the Osgoods correct him, stating they are a credit to both species.

Solemnly, the Doctor states "Longest month of my life". Clara laughs, saying it could have only been for a few minutes. Pulling a lever, the Doctor tells Clara to let him be the judge of time. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. The absence of a credit for a position doesn't necessarily mean the job wasn't required. The information above is based solely on observations of the actual end credits of the episodes as broadcast, and does not relay information from IMDB or other sources.