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William Hoyt. Mathue Faulkner. I do want to address a rules error in your example: Any time a cheese or multiple cheese come up one the dice rolled by a minion attacking or defending, One cheese is added to the Cheese Wheel. This also goes for the heroes as well unless tasted otherwise like Maginos ability. Any cheese rolled -be it one or more- only one is added to their stash.

Ingo Ahrens. Where you're goin' with that gun in your hand?


Mice, Twice

Big Tom Casual. For the record, ATTN PHG, id be ecstatic to shell out some cash for minis of venestra, vurst, elite rats, etc as well as grateful if orders of such things also included more cheese tokens. Id definitely agree that the biggest of the very few letdowns with this game was that the biggest baddies are just lame little tokens. I know the kids I play w would get SO much more excited if a big rare unique sculpt suddenly hit the table.

Better yet, Brie is willing to share her advice — for a tip.

The Cheese Moon

In game mechanics, you can spend one cheese token to freely pick any one trick card from the search deck. Yes, you read that right. No matter if a player has a favourite trick card he wants to use all the time, or if players aim to optimize their teamwork by choosing trick cards that work best with a specific combination of mice, Brie has you covered. In addition to trick cards, mice can acquire a variety of potions, jams and elixirs from the inn's proprietor. Downwood Tales introduces an abundance of novel tricks and items alike, of which you can see one below.

The final activity to participate in is the dice game. This locale is inhabited by McReedy, a large squirrel entrusted with keeping law and order in Headfall Hollow. The warren obviously does not offer as many options to interact as the inn, and it mainly features as part of the narrative — which I will not spoil. In this establishment you can find Danderfur, an elderly collector of any kind of wondrous items. Your mice can sell unwanted search cards for one cheese token each.

In addition, Danderfur always has some interesting magical things on sale. Similarly to Brie, his inventory usually changes between chapters.

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Amongst the things on sale, Mice might find useful consumable items, runes of ancient wizardry and dusty old scrolls holding spells of great power. One scroll new to the Downwood Tales is the Cloak of the Willow. One of many exciting scrolls Danderfur keeps on his shelves. The required lore value to utilise any scroll card is commonly indicative for its power.

The Cloak of the Willow is no exception! It provides the most potent defensive option for our mouse heroes and I found this card a game-changer when a hero was close to being captured.

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I also could have used this scroll on many instances in which the match-up was unfavourable for instance, think mouse versus venomous snake…. Horton Hammerfast, the hamster proprietor of this general goods store is a true local.

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Based on my play testing experience, I recommend paying attention to him and to visit him frequently. Items usually sell for two or three cheese tokens and commonly cater to many character classes. So, the king brings in dogs, who chase away the cats, and then lions to chase the dogs, then elephants to chase the lions. Finally, to get rid of the elephants, he brings back the mice, winding up where he started.

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