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La carte des "salées". - Picture of Les Tartines de l'Opera, Vichy

Sunday morning came and I really thought I would not have the time to make any of those since I had a dinner that I was hosting to prepare for, many errands to run, and I had also made the plan to rest. Dimanche, on ne travaille pas, non? You do not work on Sunday, do you? But I could just not pass on this event. Alors vive la ronde des tartines! And many thanks to you, Bron!

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I want more of those! I love how the blueberries have stained the apples purple-ish. It all looks so good on this hot summer day! Bea — you have truly outdone yourself.

These all look stunningly beautiful and delicious! I wish I were at your house! Thank you so much!! Everyone seems perfect.

Tartines salées feta tomate poulet - Picture of Sixteen Bar, Chalandri - TripAdvisor

I love how the apples line up and the blue berriest run into them. Realy lovely. Bring it!


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Les Cafetiers in Central Lyon. Great Coffees at Les Cafetiers. Pretty in Pink! Boulangerie du Palais.

English translation of 'tartine'

Alain Hess in Beaune. Fantastic display of cheese at Alain Hess. For the updated photos, I made the recipe from scratch, using my easy no-knead bread recipe. It is such a feeling to enjoy these tartines on your very own bread!

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  • Meaning of "tartine" in the French dictionary.

This is the first time I take part in this challenge and I am all excited about it. Indeed, I had a lot of fun thinking about the recipe I would create. So again, I went for pumpkin!

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Anyway, I ended up whipping up a savory tartine, after finding inspiration on a new and amazing Swedish cookbook I recently bought. It is really worth it! Then, I also invite you to visit Pourquoi je grossis , the blog who hosted the previous Battle Food challenge. Tartines are quick, easy to put together, and make the perfect meal for lazy days. I also like that you can make it seasonal, using ingredients you have at hand, leftovers, or other ingredients you simply feel like eating at the moment. And a few herbs, freshly ground pepper and sea salt for seasoning.

I guarantee you will ask for some more. As for now, I leave you with the recipe. I hope you enjoy! Je t'embrasse. De quoi faire quelques heureux! Une merveilleuse association! I had so much fun meeting new bloggers and other people who share the same passion for cooking […].