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Utilizing case studies and examples from different points of history, Greene presents some of the most effective, ingenious, and successful principles and strategies from various military leaders. Greene then drills them down to simplified versions of how these strategies can be used in everyday life to achieve goals.

Mark Manson is a self-made self-help blogger, entrepreneur, and the author of three best-selling books. Backed by academic and scientific research, Manson explores the fulfillment that can be achieved by accepting our limitations, fears, and faults. He uses personal stories, humorous anecdotes, and experience, as well as real-life examples to make his points come to life, and how the process of caring less about being happy all the time and merely embracing honesty and curiosity can lead to great things.

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist, sought after public speaker, and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. His work exploring human behavior and personality has helped to reshape our modern understanding of the topics.

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In 12 Rules for Life , Peterson interweaves ideas from his own research, ancient wisdom, and decades of additional psychological ideas to create 12 core principles for living a meaningful life. In his latest book Atomic Habits , Clear sets out to clarify why the big changes and habits we try to make often fail, and how the power of small daily habits — which he calls atomic habits — can make the most significant impact and positive difference when working towards successful goals.

Using psychological research and case studies from inspiring individuals, Clear outlines several simple and practical life hacks for harnessing the power of your atomic habits. Goggins story of transformation from depressed and overweight young man to completing some of the most stringent U. Armed Forces elite programs and becoming a top-performing endurance athlete is astonishing.

These books have been written by some of the most prominent coaches practicing today and are packed with resources, tips, and guidance on how to be a better coach. First published in , this is the fourth edition of the book written by the founders of The Coaches Training Institute. Not only does it comprehensively cover different coaching methods, but it also includes ethical guidelines, frameworks, and in-depth coaching philosophies to support you in understanding the work you undertake as a coach.

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Cherie Carter-Scott has been a life coach since , long before all the social media happy coaches we see today. The book contains proven strategies that Dr.

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Carter-Scott uses herself with clients, alongside specific tools used to train coaches under her mentorship. What makes this book so unique is that it explores the coaching process from the perspective of both the coach and the coached client, providing different insights into the coaching relationship. Communication is essential for successful coaching, and this means knowing what questions to ask, how to ask them, and when to ask to get the best answers from your client. Author Tony Stoltzfus partnered up with twelve other successful coaches to compile a range of exercises to help aspiring coaches get to grips with learning this vital skill.

The book is also a great toolkit to keep to hand as it contains more than examples of different questions to ask and build upon when coaching clients. Both new and experienced coaches will find this a valuable resource. He has previously written two books about coaching, and this, his third book, is a deep dive into all aspects of the coaching journey. Using lessons and teachings from his courses, training, and workshops at the ILTC, this book provides a seamless path of instruction for all the coaching fundamentals.

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From communication and listening skills, language, effective questioning, down to how to prepare and plan a positive coaching session. The book also covers more in-depth topics around coaching, including ethics, core competencies, specific wellness coaching, and the impact of positive psychology and neuroscience on the coaching journey and relationship. The book takes the reader through her Advanced Life Coaching Skills program that she has used with a wide range of practitioners, including HR managers, counselors, and therapists.

These are perfect for those who prefer to absorb information through listening. The book was written by Jeni Purdie, a highly experienced life coach who practiced in the UK and Europe and is narrated by Kate Harper.

The Simple Recipe of High Achievers

Find the book on Amazon Audible. Authors Sally Miller and Melissa Ricker have both started down the path, made a few wrong turns, but ultimately went on to create highly successful businesses as coaches. The authors aim to make your journey into life coaching as seamless and successful as possible.

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Sarah-Jane Vincent narrates the book. Steve Chandler is a master coach, who has worked with hundreds of high-profile professionals. He is the author of more than 30 books, a highly sought after public speaker, and founder of the Coaching Prosperity School. This book is aimed at new coaches and professional coaches, to help you elevate your status as a sought after coach.

The authors narrate it. The first edition of their book was published in and went on to be translated into more than ten languages. Now, in its third edition, it has been hailed as the definitive guide for professional and personal development, coaching programs, and corporate coaching. The third edition of the book has been updated to include the full course curriculum from The Coaches Training Institute and the newly updated Co-Active Coaching Model, which emphasizes the transformational change a client goes through on the coaching journey.

The model has also been extended to support leadership management and organizational effectiveness. This audiobook edition includes an online coaching toolkit and over 35 exercises, questionnaires and resources for the aspiring coach. This book is targeted towards people who are already working as managers of leaders, with a team of people who look to them for guidance.

Bungay Stanier is a highly successful CEO, coach, and leader, and in his book he outlines his formula for building effective coaching into your day, in just ten minutes, so teams can focus on having a greater impact through good work. This book promises to make you a more effective coach and leader in a short amount of time. It is narrated by Daniel Mate.

My top four favorites at the moment are:. Research has shown that we can change our mindset through different interventions Aronson et al. One of them is through interviews and questioning, but different clients will respond differently to the same questions.

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  • This resource is a great starting point for building a range of different question styles. Helping clients to identify and acknowledge their key strengths to support their growth is a core part of coaching. Each set of questions focuses on a specific area:.

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    • Ensuring you use a wide range of communication techniques to engage and motivate clients is crucial. Gable et al. We often struggle to feel positive when good things happen for other people as it reminds us of areas we also want to improve or work on for ourselves. This resource provides a great activity for correcting responses to ensure a positive experience for all involved in the sharing experience. For the coach, this is great to start developing a session plan and an action plan for how to support the client.

      What often gets overlooked on this journey are the small goals and accomplishments along the way that lead to the bigger achievement.

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      Research has shown that tracking progress along the way can increase positive behavior change, leading to better lasting outcomes Harkin et al. This resource helps both the coach and the client reflect on and build awareness of their progress throughout the journey. The success and overall effectiveness of any coaching relationship will depend on the commitment of the client and the coach to the same extent.

      Commitment is driven by motivation in different ways. By evaluating the commitment and motivation of each party involved, you can decide on a new plan of action of whether the right commitment is there to proceed with the journey. As a practicing coach myself, I know how rewarding it can be when you support a client to achieve their goals. Reading a range of books is a massive part of that for me.

      Lifelong learning is a core part of becoming a successful life coach. Make sure you add a substantial reading list to your repertoire of professional development. Are you an aspiring coach, or have you been practicing for a while? What books have helped you along the way? Was this article useful to you?