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This unique, beautiful breed gained popularity in the s and has become a favorite due to its striking appearance and mellow personality.

There is a lot more to this breed than looks alone. A loyal pet eager to please his owner, the Russian blue is both gentle and affectionate. This breed is known to shy from strangers. The Russian blue is considered to be good around children.

Russian Blue Cat: Cat Breed Profile

The breed is not an aggressive one. The Russian blue is an intelligent animal and is easy to train. Do expect to spend some time grooming your Russian blue. His gorgeous coat requires some special care. Combing and brushing with a good quality brush and steel comb is recommended at least once a week.

2. Their size is deceptive

The Russian blue has many qualities that make it a special addition to any family. He is not hyper or overly showy. He is kind, affectionate and smart. You will need to devote time to help bring him out of his shell, but Russian blue owners attest that it will be time well spent.

8 Elegant Facts About Russian Blue Cats | Mental Floss

The most distinctive aspect of its appearance is its stunning double coat. The coat is dense, soft to the touch and plush.

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The short hair on the coat is blue with silver tips, a look that is sure to catch the eye of cat lovers. This is where the breed gets its name. In contrast, the Russian blue has mesmerizing, wide-set green eyes.

Russian Blue Cat Characteristics and Temperment

Its large ears are also distinctive, standing alert on top of his head. British Shorthair Cats.

Join the Nationwide Pet Mailing List for the latest pet health, news, recipes, contests and more - straight to your inbox. Why do dogs eat grass? Okay, so most kittens are cute by definition, but Russian Blues have an edge because of their eyes and elegance.

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  • 1. They’re blessed with good looks?

Do you have a Russian Blue cat? Tell us what you love about them in the comments below.


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