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When he was discovered, the neighbor thought her son had fallen asleep early only to discover a man in the bed she did not recognize at the time. She tried to awake him, but was unable to, and called the police — she did not file trespassing charges. Two days later, Downey escaped through a window in the bathroom and hitchhiked back to his home.

Upon his release on July 29, Judge Mira orders another supervised drug rehabilitation program. The fights resulted in numerous abrasions and cuts. After two months, he receives a severe gash from an altercation with 3 other inmates and is moved to solitary confinement. After days, Robert Downey Jr was released and in , checks into a court ordered day rehab program where Robert Downey Jr remained on probation. In June , Downey admitted to missing yet another drug test. In August of , Robert Downey Jr made an appearance before the judge asking for clemency.

Robert Downey Jr struggled with being a father behind bars.

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His son, Indio, was familiar with Downey being away a lot filming movies, but he and his wife separated agreed that Downey should tell the truth. The first day in prison put him in shock. He had served over days in a county jail before, but this was different. There were guard towers and a maximum security prison next door with Charles Manson no less and rumors that the guards would make the inmates fight or be shot.

Downey was full of shock and tried to stay to himself, but was moved into a group cell with four other guys where he was forced into interaction. He cites an eye-opening moment when he was brushing his teeth and he spit in the sink only to have a fellow inmate howl at him for spitting in a sink that he had no right to spit in, polluting their sink with his germs. Cleaning was a big part of his time there, telling stories kitchen mishaps where a gigantic bag of gravy ripped open and he had to mop it up.

However, fate is fate. After almost a full year in prison, Robert Downey Jr was released in due to his collective time in incarceration facilities and he was immediately cast in a new television series Ally McBeal. Despite the rave reviews, his emmy nomination, and Golden Globe win, Robert Downey Jr went on to say it was the lowest point of his life. And in , on Thanksgiving, Downey was arrested in his Palm Springs hotel, clearly under the influence of valium and cocaine.

Despite a potential sentence of over four years, Downey signed on for another either episodes of Ally McBeal.

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He started using drugs when he was a kid. It became a serious problem later, in the flush of success, adulation. In June , he was stopped for speeding. The Pacific Coast Highway. The strobe of police lights. The cops searched the car. Heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine. An unloaded. Everything else followed with the inevitability of a dream. Sent to live in a rehab facility, he busted out. In Hawaiian shirt and hospital pants.

Sent to a more secure facility, he busted out again. He stood before a judge in , begging not to be shipped to prison. He spent just under a year. Immediately after his release, in , he was signed as a regular cast member on Ally McBeal. He was one of the best things on that show, bringing life to a series at the end of its string.

He won a Golden Globe and was the subject of many stories of the comeback variety. Later that year the police, responding to an anonymous call, searched his room at a hotel in Palm Springs. Cocaine and methamphetamine. Fox hired him for a second season regardless. In the spring of , he wandered in a barefoot daze through Culver City, was arrested, and checked himself into rehab. Fox canceled the contract.


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For a moment, everything hung in the balance. He now seemed uninsurable, meaning he could not get feature work. I admire him. Nobody else can do it for you. Downey fell in love with Levin, a Chicago-area girl who helped channel his manic energy. And a nice guy. There was something grounded and normal about him. Then, back in L. They were married in and started their company a few years later. Their son, Exton, was born in I saw him swim with Downey.

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There was hesitation from the production company. Because here was a big movie, with so much riding on it—the first solo feature from Marvel Studios, which would build a roster around lesser-known superheroes—and here was an actor with a troubled history. And once we rolled the camera it was inarguable. There was nobody who could say he was not Iron Man. We finished dinner, then sat talking. Downey leaned back, drinking espresso, a window open behind him. He looked tired, but the good kind of tired.

I asked what he planned to do next. He talked about Team Downey. I swear, story development is an aphrodisiac for Susan and me. I love her mind. He hesitated, got up, and ran out of the room. A minute later, he came back with a picture. It was one of those 3-D sonogram shots that make your unborn baby look like a capsule-bound astronaut, coming at you from deep space. She was beautiful, eyes closed, fist raised in a power salute. I told Downey he had a Black Panther coming.

We went outside, where, parked in front of the house, was a vehicle under cover. Mammoth, huge. I guessed Hummer.

I guessed Range Rover. He laughed as he flipped the tarp. It was a minivan. A Honda Odyssey.

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Perfect, I thought. The Ride of His Life. Robert Downey Jr. Malibusian said [I said I was bipolar] You can't make a diagnosis until somebody's sober. After five years of substance abuse, arrests, rehab, and relapse, Downey was ready to work toward a full recovery from drugs and return to his career.

In discussing his failed attempts to control his addictive behavior in the past, Downey told Oprah Winfrey in November that "when someone says, 'I really wonder if maybe I should go to rehab? Uh, you might want to give it a shot.

I don't think I can continue doing this. You can reach out for help in kind of a half-assed way and you'll get it and you won't take advantage of it. It's not that difficult to overcome these seemingly ghastly problems Downey got his first post-rehabilitation acting job in August , lip-syncing in the video for Elton John 's single " I Want Love ". Downey was able to return to the big screen after Mel Gibson , who had been a close friend to Downey since both had co-starred in Air America , paid Downey's insurance bond for the film The Singing Detective directed by his Back To School co-star Keith Gordon.

Similar clauses have become standard in his contracts since.

After Gothika , Downey was cast in a number of leading and supporting roles, including well-received work in a number of semi-independent films: A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints , Good Night, and Good Luck , Richard Linklater 's dystopian, rotoscoped A Scanner Darkly in which Downey plays the role of a drug addict , and Steven Shainberg 's fictional biographical film of Diane Arbus , Fur , where Downey's character represented the two biggest influences on Arbus's professional life, Lisette Model and Marvin Israel. On November 23, , Downey released his debut musical album, The Futurist , on Sony Classical , for which he designed the cover art and designed the track listing label on the CD with his son Indio.