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This question provides an understanding of how a candidate will handle inevitable snags along the road, and help the team to stay focused.

1. Leadership

Teams of all sizes will inevitably encounter friction and a member or two who struggle to perform up to standards. The ability to keep people motivated and identify problem areas and how to solve them quickly and efficiently is a fundamental quality in a good project manager.

Every project and organization measures success differently, and there are many factors that go into success in addition to whether a project was completed on time and on budget. This question can help to establish how the candidate evaluates performance and success and whether they can take away lessons for future growth.

What does a project manager do | APM

What approach do you take when a project hits a roadblock and does not go according to plan, despite the team's best efforts? Even the best planning can't account for the problems that can develop along the lifeline of a project.

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What a project manager does when things are going wrong is essential for a project's success. Please note that we are not your career or legal advisor, and none of the information provided herein guarantees a job offer. What to look for in an answer: Relevant experience Results Confidence Example: "As the project manager for Company X's international rebranding project, I led a diverse and multifaceted team of creative, technical and administrative staff and was able to ensure that all deliverables were met on time and on budget.

How would you describe your communication and leadership style? What to look for in an answer: Self awareness Personal leadership style Approachability Example: "I would describe myself as a direct and approachable manager with an open door policy, which makes it easy for team members to discuss issues or problems as they develop.

What to look for in an answer: Ability to delegate Organizational skills Time management skills Example: "I try to structure each project so that each team member works efficiently on a task by task basis in order to meet larger project milestones and objectives.

I try to give the team the freedom and space they need to get the job done, while keeping an eye on the big picture to ensure that we are on track to meet the project goal. What to look for in an answer: Flexibility Problem solving skills Personal management style Example: "In this situation, I would work with the team to identify the most mission critical tasks to keep the project moving forward and help the team to re-evaluate the most urgent priorities in the moment.

What is your strategy for working with an underperforming team member? What to look for in an answer: Communication and diplomacy skills Coaching and motivational abilities Empathy Example: "Keeping every member of the team performing at their very best is one of my top priorities on each project.

My first step would be to work with the team member in question to identify where they are struggling, and try to design actionable and manageable steps that they can take right away to get back on track.

2. You don't work well with people

How would you describe the outcome of your last project? There's a marked calendar, Gantt reporting and easy reporting so you can keep track of your team's tasks. This app offers a lot of task board templates that you can easily tweak to create the ideal interface your your team's project. It's a useful one if you are planning to manage more projects in the future, as you can save custom templates and start new project boards based on your preferences. Popular with ad agencies, this project management software also has good options for organising your team's timesheet.

It's a web-based way of keeping timesheet, which makes it great for those in creative and often freelance industries such as graphic design, communications, public relations and more. This software is a great way to manage your tasks, project progress, share files and track progress. It uses an interface that looks like a spreadsheet, which keeps things simple and easy to use for your team members.

The following websites provide a range of free templates that you can download to help you with your project management. Consider the needs of your project and what template will suit them best, and these free resources can act as a great tool to aid your project's success.

Project Management Simplified: Learn The Fundamentals of PMI's Framework ✓

Most can be tweaked and tailored to your particular projects and needs. They are quite basic, and intended as an outline from which you can modify according to what your project requires. They are designed for use with Microsoft Word or Excel Will help you to determine the purpose of your project, to define what the project will deliver, the needs of the main stakeholders, divvying of roles and responsibilities, and the overall project proposal. Feature charts, schedules, and plans designed to keep your project on track.

Include templates that you will need as the project plays out in order. There is a Variance Change Request template that allows for planning should factors such as time or budget change during the implementation of the project. There is also an issues log that allows you to mitigate potential risks, and a Status Report. Include a Handover Summary Report for use when the project is complete.

The Post Project Review is very useful for any project manager for documenting key learnings, and the Project Completion Report that comes in a good format for a small to medium project. These include:. There are also a few tutorials that will help you to customise the templates or forms to help give them an ideal fit for your project.

The site features lots of forms and examples that are perfect for informing the pre-planning phase. These will help you to research before you make any important decisions that will affect your project. There are an array of templates and forms to help you figure out the root cause analysis or underlying problem that needs to be solved by your project. This will help you to plan appropriately and effectively for your project.

Information and templates include:. The site also includes free templates and tutorials available for managing scope and stakeholders. The idea is to define the roadmap and objectives of the project, and who will be involved in creating this scope. The templates available for this crucial step include:.

Advice and templates available for the planning and execution stage of a project are clear and often easy fill-the-blank forms. These are simple and can make a big difference to making your planning more efficient. There are also plans and advice on conjuring a corrective action plan, and project planning forms and templates for Excel. The site also includes advice and documents on Scheduling, which helps you to break down your project into sections and tasks. There are documents and tutorials available to learn how to create Gantt and PERT charts in different formats, as well as what this can help your project achieve.

You can also learn how to use Excel for creating project timelines, critical path calculations, WBS and workflow process diagrams. Another essential component to project management is assigning tasks and managing who is in charge of what. The following information can help to do this, including progress monitoring and ways to track changes. Learn how to keep track of your project's action items and create a monthly team status report in Excel, and how to construct a RACI Matrix.

Project Management

There are also printable log sheets and tracking forms. The risk management phase of project management is also covered on this website. The forms and templates redesigned to help you identify and assess risks that may hinder your project. There's an Excel template for creating a risk register, a sample form for making the risk assessment process more fluid, a CARVER Matrix template and a project escalation plan template.

You can also learn how to use excel to make your own risk assessment template. This site has a very detailed array of PM templates that can be used to assist your project. Available for free download, these templates are divided into each state or gate of your project.

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  • Each category is concluded with a Stage Gate Review template so you can fully assess each component's progress and get a good idea of how the project will work. The Feasibility section offers templates that help you create a Business Case, and figure out your Business Requirements and Solution Architecture. This section can be filled out once you have finished your research and the best approach to take for your project.

    This includes templates for creating a Project Plan that covers your schedule, cost, and potential risks. There are also templates for more detailed requirements, and creating a test plan. This section of the site has the following templates to assist with reports and reviews after your plan has been put into action:. This range of free online PM templates are usefully grouped into project size, and also include a guide. This allows you to choose the most appropriate template according to your project's scope and budget.