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The plot may be staked out by using inexpensive cord and pencils for the stakes. The worms may be represented by colored yarn cut into three centimeter pieces. One member of each group may distribute the worms evenly over the plot.

Darwin's Voyage of Discovery

They may not bury them in the soil. When time is called, students will return to class to draw inferences on the numbers of each color wormianus that were caught, and the relationship of the other colors to the survival characteristics. Hints: Have students cut the yarn "worms" the day before the lab activity.

The groups should cut three pieces of each of the colors listed above worms, 3 of each color. Choose which groups will be predators in which fields before the class activity begins. Beagle and the finches however, do not reveal habitat, colors, or diet. Prepare a copy of the diagram below for each group of 3 students. The design of the species must include all observable characteristics; i. A detailed description of a plant and all of its observable characteristics, i.

Bibliography Bowler, Peter. More unusual passengers on board the Beagle included Fuegia Basket and Jemmy Button or Orundellico who were both taken from their homes in Tierra del Fuego all the way back to England. Here they were taught English, Christianity and agriculture, amongst other things.

A Naturalist's Voyage Round the World: Title

Both eventually returned to their homes and settled back to their previous lives. Vice-Admiral Robert Fitzroy R. At the age of only 12, he entered the Royal Naval College in Portsmouth. In his long career as a man of the sea, he went on to publish his theories on meteorology and invented several types of barometer to allow sailors to check a weather forecast before leaving port. John Wickham John Wickham was a Scottish naval officer, explorer and hydrographer. He later became Captain of the Beagle and conducted many maritime expeditions. He also painted a number of watercolours of Tierra del Fuego and the Pacific, paid for by Fitzroy.

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He joined the Beagle in hopes of collecting specimens and becoming a famous naturalist, however found himself unable to go onshore to collect specimens most of the time. He later joined an Antarctic expedition from to and the south polar skua was named after him. He continued working for Darwin after their return to England and proved very useful as he had labelled where in the Galapagos Islands he had caught his finches.