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She considers the different, multiple and mutable strategies for collective remembrance in the Hispanic, Anglophone and Francophone Caribbean, and the ways in which catharsis, historical memory and cultural performance are in resonance when it comes to represent the trauma of slavery in the civil society and in the public space. Fabienne's research looks at how colonialism and neocolonialism generated an extractivist ideology of dominance that has created the racial discriminations and climatic damages we are facing today all over the world.

She explores Caribbean artistic responses to those issues where race and climate intersect in critical terms. Mary E.

Brigitte Emile-Zola gives her presentation at the Argent Hotel. Leonard R. A Naturalist film about a black teenage girl living in a housing project in contemporary Brooklyn. Her experiences in school, on the street, and by herself reveal a complex and contradictory disposition. Robert B. In memory of Monique Fol Section A AM, Science Section B PM, Room His relationships with these two men were — apart from his enduring passion for the actress Nina Ronchi — the most important features of his life between and , and there were striking similarities in his feelings for them.

What had begun as the calculated, if clumsy, overtures of an adolescent looking for an entry into the artistic world rapidly became, as he was treated seriously by two writers he greatly admired, a much more emotional involvement. He had had almost no rapport with his elderly father, who died when he was 12, and he despised most of his schoolteachers.

From Early Modern to Postmodern

He needed a sympathetic father-figure, and he found one in different ways in, first, Bontempelli, and then Jacob. Had the admiration, and the need, gone in only one direction, these relationships would not have been as profound, or as lasting, as they proved. In their own ways, both older men needed a young acolyte, and made use of his enthusiasm and his talent. Bontempelli, increasingly isolated by his internationalist and anti-classical stance, had two needs: to gain young followers in Italy, and to become known more widely, especially in France.

The plan worked well, as over the next few years Frank wrote not only in Italy, but in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and even Spain about Bontempelli, Pirandello and the new young generation of Italian writers. Meanwhile, however, Frank had also entered into an emotionally more complex relationship with Max Jacob. Jacob had retreated to the country to escape the temptations of Paris, but he could not resist inviting young artists and writers to visit him, partly to advise them on their work, but also to have the pleasure of the company of young men.

Early in his correspondence with Frank, especially after the latter sent a photograph of himself possibly the one shown above , he became concerned about becoming too attached to him, and tried to put him off.

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What was he like, this very young man who set out on the kilometre train journey from Naples, with trepidation and a large trunk of books? He had only just left school, where he had ostentatiously played the aesthete, to distance himself from the apprentice-blackshirts who were his schoolmates:. I wore a monocle, and talked of Art with a capital 'A', declaring myself to be a Nietzschean, a Bolshevik and a Futurist all at the same time. But he arrived at a damp grey station in a very different 'France profonde', a setting familiar from his reading of Pierre Mac Orlan; and when he was woken from a deep sleep in his hotel by his fellow guests singing 'La Madelon' [famous French marching song]:.

The France he had just discovered was not any old France, but the essence of France, this historical microcosm of France, which he would never forget.

What he had not expected was Max's even greater haste to cement their relationship on the first evening, with a passionate kiss. He saw Nino's horror and changed the subject, and after this initial misunderstanding, they settled briefly into a happy father-son relationship. Frank was already corresponding with Jean Cocteau and Pierre Mac Orlan, but Jacob also put in a good word for him when he made a brief visit to Paris to meet them. He advised the young man on his work and gave him introductions to other French writers and editors.

‘Unknown’ French author’s noir crime novels set for UK

I finally reached Paris. What am I saying, Marquet? Ten, a hundred others too: chance set me down right among painters and poets, I met Picasso, Diaghileff, Supervielle and Jouhandeau, all the marvels of a happy time. Everything was offered to us, above all the women, the girls, still wearing hats and petticoats. Over this period, Jacob's continuing anxiety was that Frank would dissipate his creative energies by chasing journalistic and other assignments, and he tried repeatedly to persuade him to adopt the ascetic attitude of the true poet.

In December , when Nino was about to visit Jean Cocteau, he wrote to Cocteau in a supportive letter:. Nino has some splendid ideas for novels I fight ferocious battles with him against journalism and translations and other pointless exercises. Find a room in Paris; buy a table and a bed; you'll furnish it little by little.

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Your friends will advise you how to avoid starving You won't have any more or less talent whether you live in Vienna or Paris or Rome; isn't that the only concern you should have? Work, learn more about your craft, and lead a quiet life. Letter XII. I'm delighted you've finally understood that journalism is hateful. Write your poems, prose, novels and await your time: it will surely come.

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Letter XIII 10 orig. Frank was not really listening. With only a small monthly allowance from his mother to live on, he could not survive without at least some journalistic work — and in any case, the only way to get original works published was through contacts at journals and publishers often owned by the same people. In Paris, he had introductions, from Max and from Pierre Mac Orlan, to Georges Charensol at Paris-Journal , and significantly for his own future, at that paper he met a fascinating group of people who would become his friends and colleagues.

I dashed up to Paris-Journal with my first articles Martin-Chauffier was there, drawing sardonically on a strange pipe with a lidded bowl, Philippe Soupault, flashing a magnificent pair of cream gloves, and others.

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I heard talk of a hearse, and asked timidly if someone had died A young man with eyes like an owl and a profile as sharp as a knife-blade, at least as elegant as Soupault, turned round and looked me over with a half-smile. He had just directed Entr'acte , and had not yet cut his umbilical cord to journalism.

The actors in the funeral procession of Entr'acte were his friends from Paris-Journal , led by Marcel Achard and Charensol.

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He knew instinctively that Paris was where he wanted to be, and when he had to return to Italy to consolidate his journalistic connections there, he was determined to return. Before leaving, he arranged a meeting — promised for some time — which would lead to a stimulating friendship between his "due Massimi": Massimo and Max. They all met in Paris at the house of Armand Salacrou at the beginning of April, where Jacob, who had left his convert's hairshirt behind along with his Breton clogs, was in skittish Parisian form:. The two Italians returned to Milan in May, by now close friends.

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Now, having laid the foundations for literary cross-fertilization between Italy and France, it was time for Frank to concentrate seriously on building up a reputation in Italy as a commentator with a wide knowledge of the contemporary literature of both countries, but most especially as a supporter of 'modern' ideas.