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The Light of Hope – Isaiah 9

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Jesus the hope of the world. by dlbc children choir

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Is it wrapped up in the expectations of a gift under a tree? Is it lost in the darkness that surrounds your life? We all need to learn to hope again for there is always hope. By all appearances there was no hope in the days of Isaiah. It appeared that the nation of Israel was quickly coming to an end.

But out of the darkness a voice was heard that spoke of the Light of Hope that would touch the very soul of man. It was the Hope of Christmas!

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The child was the Light of the World. The one whose birth we celebrate at Christmas. When Jesus was brought to the temple for circumcision it was Simeon who saw and spoke of the hope of this One. Christmas is filled with the wonder, counsel and peace of hope that exceeds our expectations. It lifts us from our darkness into the marvelous Light of Jesus Christ!

Christmas Hope is Wonderful! In other words Christmas is full of wonder. Hope is what you are looking forward to. Hope says my future will be better than my past and where I am going is better than where I have been. Hopelessness reigns in the world today. How do we find light amidst darkness?

The Hope of the World ~ Isaiah: A Child Is Born ~ Calvary Lutheran

Notice the reference to Galilee. Jesus performed the majority of his miracles and ministry around the sea of Galilee.

Jesus came preaching, teaching, and healing. God can turn your misery into a miracle.

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On HGTV they have demo day before they can rebuild. Miracles come out of difficulties, challenges, obstacles, impossibilities! Jesus is the light of the world.

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Verse 3 talks about joy and rejoicing. Praise is not only an instrument of worship, but a weapon of war. God inhabits praise. When evildoers came against me to devour my flesh, my foes and my enemies stumbled and fell.