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Remember that the contractor will need something to calculate his costings from.

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Be prepared to supply him with drawings or plans of the proposed deck together with dimensions and desired materials. Talk about anything unusual or extra you want incorporated into the design so he can allow costs for speciality contractors. When you have made your decision on which contractor you would prefer. It is time to sign the contract confirming that you want the work done by this person. Some contractors supply a file at the completion of the job showing photographs at each stage together with copies of material specifications and amounts supplied.

In fact everything needed to prove that they did the job you asked for. Encourage your contractor to do this, it might save problems later. Remember to check this independently. Some contractors have been known to forge documents. The start date, expected completion date and how any delays will impact the total cost.

A detail of clean-up , during and after work has completed. Who is responsible for this? An assurance of responsibility for any damage done to your property by the contractor and his team or subcontractors. Site rules for his team. Will they be allowed to play music?

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  7. Do you allow smoking on site? Are there any safety requirements needed during the work. Will the area be fenced off from the rest of the garden? Will the workforce be wearing appropriate protective clothing at all times? What are your responsibilities during the work? Do you have to exclude children and pets from the work area a wise precaution ; provide electricity and water when needed? Provide access and parking areas for vehicles. Your contractor will need to have appropriate training and experience, not only with carpentry in general but also with the specialist decking system you have chosen.

    Why Build Your Own Decks?

    Contact the manufacturer to see if his claims are real. Some states require a contractor to be certified and others do not. If in doubt, check with your local city or state building codes or planning office. For any specialist licenses contact your local planning office for advice. On no account let anyone install electrical or plumbing fittings without being a registered electrician or plumber.

    Be aware that any insurance documents you are shown may be forged or may just be valid for that day. Contact the insurance provider to confirm he has cover. Make sure the amount of cover is enough for your circumstances. The material costs for an average sized platform deck would typically be as follows:.

    Typical local deck building contractor costs to maintain the wood decks will probably be as follows:. Compare this to a composite or PVC deck where you will have very little outgoings at all. Remember that extra items included in your deck, such as planters, benches, tables and electricity will increase the initial cost accordingly.

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    Whenever you employ a stranger you are running the risk of falling for a scam. Most local deck builders are honest hardworking men and women who are only interested in doing a good job for a fair and reasonable price. There are, however a minority who think that contracting is easy money and are prepared to lie and steal from their customer, who has probably saved hard to pay for their new deck. Be on guard for the con artist, they can come in many guises. The following points are just a few of the scams that are commonly used.

    Contractors take advantage by offering a low price for the project , asking for a deposit payment in cash and then never coming back.

    How to Build a Deck in NZ - DIY Guides | Mitre 10

    If the price sounds too good to be true , it usually is. This price will depend on materials, size and design. A reputable contractor will be able to afford to do the project without a deposit. Having surplus decking materials left from another job. Only accepting cash.

    Insisting that you get the required building permits. Wanting an immediate decision.

    How to Build a Deck

    Any reputable contractor will appreciate that you are signing away a large amount of money and you will want to discuss this with your partner or family. Asking for the entire project payment up-front. There is never a good reason for asking for full payment up-front. If the project is a large one then it is acceptable to ask for a deposit and have payments at agreed stages. Suggest borrowing money to fund the project from a lender the contractor is associated with. This reeks of con-men and high interest loan sharks. Refuse to employ them and report the contractor to the authorities.

    Be sure the materials come from a known source. Ask for documentary evidence such as invoices from a reputable supplier. I want one! Yes, I am sure you do. Decks can be made from wood or manmade materials. The remainder can be wood or manmade. Choose manmade materials such as PVC or composites if you would prefer to pay more up front for the luxury of not having to worry too much about maintenance. Where do you want it placed? All these are just some of the questions needing answers. If organising a contractor feels like you are getting out of your depth, seek advice from one of the professional bodies devoted to the decking industry.

    In fact if you are planning a DIY project, the organisations supply a wealth of information designed to assist the contractor and householder alike. So you have designed your deck, chosen your contractor, drawn up the plans and worked out the budget.

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    The job is now finished and you are the proud owner of a deck. You have just finished waving to the construction team as they disappear down the driveway in their truck. You decide you will have a barbeque with the family before the sun goes down and maybe spend tomorrow lazing in a deckchair with a good book on your new deck.