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They fear for her safety.

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T hen there are your other odd and seemingly untrainable habits. You plunk yourself down in front of our gateway, longing for an encounter but you are out of luck because the cats can smell your intent and stay far away , but in view, just to taunt you. Bunny Family From Morguefile. T hen there are the cute little bunnies who seemed to have doubled , tripled , quadrupled this summer like flash floods …LOL. They languish in our gardens, eating our brightly c o l o u r e d roses and tulips, on our lawns, eating the clover , even nervy enough to hop up the front steps and rest on the veranda a while.

O ne sure thing is La Belle Dame is even more obsessed with Bunnies than cats.

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Sanctimonious Jakita…. Y our poor Momma. I am pretty sure my Momma would have a solution to those problems…. I know, I know…. We are on it God…really! A smiling Jakita…. S till, I can smile, I do smile…. You know, know what I mean…. Not the Bad Cop…. In order to be an Enforcer, you first must drink the Cool Aid….. L et me give you an example about how Momma failed me…again. The other day,I was sleeping in the living room, usual spot on couch, my head being pillowed by Pink Bunny and Pink Eared Sylvester. H ush Hush Sweet Charlotte Charlie claimed the spot beside me to sneak in a cat nap….

Faster than a speeding bullet, Charlie sits up and noisily thumps Gen, right jab , left jab, get out of here.

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Momma, who somehow heard the thumping runs in to the room. Gen, knowing she has been rightfully chastised, gets the heck out of Dodge …. Not so happy when a snarl wakes me up….. I am putting it out there….

How to Keep a Pet Dog Cool on a Hot Summer Day

I feel so helpless, what can I do…. It seems they all stop and stare…. Me…an Angel????

S o I try, I try to be an A n g e l Doggie but for reasons I can not quite fathom , I am just a bit mouthy, expressing myself mournfully or forcefully sometimes with attitude and a look that could drill a hole through pressure heated hardened steel or cut through Kevlar …. You choose…. If you would let me ponder…. I believe it is because I am overly sensitive, notice every minute detail and think I am in charge of correcting it …oh, and I may be OCD…do doggies get that, ya think? A nd Momma being Momma , taps right in to my sanctimonious, put-everyone-in-their-place-and-you-better-stay-there moods.

If you want to be helpful, please approach it from the perspective of kindly, I repeat, kindly helping that person take better care of their pet, because the majority of pet owners actually want to give their furry family members the best care possible. Everyone deserves love and considerstion. Pets, owners, kids, babies, women, men etc. A pet rashly and unnecessarily snatched from an owner may just be the final blow for that person to finally conclude that the world is nothing but cruelty and injustice and decide that is the day they end it all. You just never know! No, that example is not too extreme at all.

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You simply never know all of the factors. If you ferociously attack a pet owner when they have not put their pet in any danger, you are actually the one being cruel, and so you are only adding cruelty to the world, not taking it away.

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  • The vast majority of the time, when one is railing character accusations onto another, that person is simply projecting themself and accusing the other person of being the way they really are themselves. The non-perpetrator could call out the real perpetrator about a myriad of things, but it happens to be that the non-perpetrator typically and wisely prefers to choose their battles and avoid conflict in most situations.

    Ironically, when the true victim yes I realize this is a curse word now but this is appropriate usage finally calls out the real perpetrator, now suddenly people say that person must really be the problem because they are supposedly the one trying to divert attention off of themselves. In most situations, it seems that everyone agrees with the person making the most noise and certainly the person making the noise believes this to be the case, but the truth is that most do not agree but simply do not want to get involved.

    Anyway, even in situations which should receive intervention, rather than focus on ripping the owner to shreds, if you really care about the pet, the most helpful thing is to simply focus all energy on calmly and swiftly averting a tragic outcome. Thank you! Thank you so much for these words. I just experienced this first hand today. I left my dog chihuahua in my car today with the windows cracked open.

    It was slightly overcast, 65 degrees, cool breeze. I was in the store when I heard my car described on the intercom. I immediately thought of my dog so I rushed to the parking lot where I found a married couple and separate woman staring at my car. The married woman was on the phone with the police. I was flabbergasted. No way my dog was in any sort danger. I told them thank you but I think you guys got it wrong.

    I opened the car and got in wearing two shirts the top one a long sleeve. I sat in there and told them that it is not hot at all. My dog was excited because being a chihuahua he had probably been barking his head of at them the entire time. The point is whether it was a danger to my chihuahua who is cold by nature, and love to sun bathe and stay warm.

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    Would I have been uncomfortable? It was probably 78 degrees in there, a sweet temperature for my cold-prone chihuahua. How do you know? Get out of here. I believe in breaking the window if that dog looks like its in peril and suffering. But those have always been on hot days and you can tell the dog is barely moving and panting like crazy. My dog was so hot and dying that he was jumping all over the place barking?

    Come on. Thanks again for giving me some sanity. It was definitely their approach to the situation that was not called for. Each situation is different. Recently left my dog in our car, and people complained.

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    I felt their complaints though well intention were absurd. We regularly checked to ensure the temperature was comfortable and air was refreshed. I would not leave my dog in a position that I would not tolerate myself. These blanket bans are excessive and overreaching. That being said, you should never assume conditions will remain stable and check very frequently. Perhaps leave a polite and curt note for busy bodies.

    Just wondering because nothing in this articl talks about the real risks of mild temperatures. Please be careful about leaving your pet in the car. Our family travels a lot with our two dogs. Recently, we were in Odessa, Missouri, where we had stopped for a grass-fed hamburger. It seemed like a friendly town and we were able to park in front the restaurant, where we could easily see and check on the dogs. We checked on them every few minutes and they were fine each time.