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Sadly, the United States struggles with this juggling act. American workers receive about 15 days off, whereas British workers usually get a well-deserved Ironically, Americans find it taboo to take all of their holidays and will often work through them. It can make it tougher to find a job, but people recognise that having work experience and transferable skills is just as important as having a high-quality education.

Fer completed an internship with Hertalis earlier this year as part of the EUSA academic internship programme.

Cultural divide

In fact, the U. With these figures in mind, colleges and universities are reinforcing the importance of cultural competency and the ability of individuals from all backgrounds, races, and ethnicities to work together.

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Through trainings, revised policies, and programs, both students and faculty are moving toward a greater sense of awareness, understanding, and tolerance of different cultures. Culture Shock While the nation may be moving toward a more diverse future, it currently faces lingering segregation. According to an evaluation of Census data by the Brookings Institution, the average white American lives in an area that is 77 percent white, while African Americans and Hispanics live in areas that are made up of 45 percent of people of their same race.

Carlos Medina, chief diversity officer of the State University of New York SUNY system, describes the current state of neighborhood diversity as stagnant, stating that not much has changed in the last 50 years. This division emphasizes the need for education around cultural competency.


Crossing the Cultural Divide

As people transition from high school into college and eventually into the workforce, their exposure to people of different cultures will likely increase, and they will be expected to work amicably with people from all backgrounds. But with neighborhoods still divided, it can be difficult for young people to grow up with an understanding of different cultures, and as they enter college, these new students may experience culture shock.

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In order to help students acclimate and learn in a more structured environment, many schools are going beyond regular campus activities to engage students in some form of cultural competency training. The conduct of business is not separate from any other part of our life in a country.

Business tends to be culturally driven in any country,'' says Hodge, 58, a year veteran in international and cross-cultural business and who visited Malaysia recently to give a talk on her book Global Smarts: The Art Of Communicating And Deal Making Anywhere In The World.

Companies now value cross-cultural training because they want to avoid making mistakes that would cost them quite a bit financially, she says. Taking Japan as an example, Hodge says when the Japanese are in the negotiating process, they want a lot of information to be passed down to them.

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They also make decisions by consensus, which means the first meeting will not lead to a decision. Instead there will be others involved in the process of decision-making.

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Cross-cultural training is an effective way of gaining a deeper understanding of the values of the people you are doing business with, Hodge says. Close proximity does not create understanding. Sometimes the closer we are to somebody, the more irritated we get. Knowledge, which can be gained from cross-cultural training, about the perspectives of leadership and management in countries where one is operating is also important, Hodge says.