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Through the wars, she then seeks to fulfill some form of entertainment and starts to develop an obsession to experience hell in the flesh. Suddenly, a hired Magoichi Saika shoots Nobunaga. Complementing on the raw beauty of her actions, Nobunaga offers to grant his wife's wish by encouraging her to accept the darkness. Her efforts allow him to reach safety as she hurries to thank Mitsuhide for granting her a relishing end.

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Before she takes her own life with her concealed dagger, Nobunaga stops her himself. Together, the married couple stay within the flames to go to the afterlife. However, it is implied that she is somewhat pleased with the warrior for caring. According to her conversations with Mitsuhide and Hanbei Takenaka , her current behavior is a drastic change caused by meeting Nobunaga, the end result of "killing herself".

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Hanbei voices his belief that Nobunaga has abandoned her. His proposal backfires when she is enthralled by the agonizing wait for her husband, and his return strengthens her faith in him. She tends to stay beside her husband's side throughout the main narrative to sate her hunger for masochistic misery.

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Her dying breaths are spent cradling her father's short sword. This can be used as the reason why her death date is in the game. She shares her dream stage in this title with Zhen Ji and Xiao Qiao as the wives rescue the maidens captured by Dong Zhuo. Her personal contribution in the stage is telling Ranmaru Mori to guard the main camp and enchanting the guards in the western base.

She also makes smug comments when Oichi is rescued. Amused by what she hears regarding Wang Yi 's personality, she later assists Sima Yi 's plan to rescue her from Kiyomori Taira at Nagashino. With Yoshihiro Shimazu , they aid Diamondback as he rebels against Kiyomori.

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They eventually find her at Nanjun where she had been using an impostor of their lord to fool the Wei army. She is Spectra's Warlord who is heralded as one of the top three who guard the entrance to Nobunaga 's home, Dragnor. She tells Oichi and the protagonist that doesn't know Nobunaga's plans as she mainly fights to enjoy herself in battle.

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Kicho is a graceful and devoted maiden who has excellent martial arts skills. She wields her customized light-weight spear and is frequently symbolized in some way by a butterfly. Like Samurai Warriors , both her and Nobunaga are in love with one another and she doesn't want to be untrue to her love for him.

To dissuade Mitsuhide from betraying her husband, she leaves Nobunaga in the middle of the game with hopes to pacify him. Her efforts are in vain and Mitsuhide carries out his assault on Honnoji. When she arrives at the site, she spots a dead Nobunaga and stabs Mitsuhide with a knife in vengeance. Surprisingly, before she decides to join him in the afterlife, Nobunaga stops her and reveals that the metal hair clip she left behind saved him from Mitsuhide's shot.

While the couple escape the burning temple, a wounded Mitsuhide shoots Kicho. She admits afterwards that she didn't want to lose either man as they are both important to her. She survives her wounds and appears by the end of the game to once again help her husband. Before their final battle with Mitsuhide, she tells Nobunaga's closest generals about his dreams of death, uniting the Oda generals with a tighter bond of friendship. In the epilogue, she also accompanies her husband to Spain.

She fights using ice magic and an ice-covered naginata, her very footsteps freezing the ground.

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  • When she is defeated, she thanks William for allowing her to reunite with Nobunaga in the afterlife. She can be fought alongside Nobunaga in a side quest. Her Guardian Spirit is the Usura-Hicho, a group of butterflies resembling snowflakes. She accompanies her husband to see her father, swearing to guard her husband if he is threatened by UMA. She is rescued by the protagonist's party and repays them by informing them of Kitsuno's whereabouts.

    She assists Kitsuno's rescue and reunites with her Nobuanga. Guruguru Dungeon Nobunyaga has her co-star in the Misuhuide Legend event. Misuhuide is her childhood crush. Kicho-nyan notices his return to Mino and begs her father to let Misuhuide stay. When Doranyan later tells her of her arranged marriage to Nobunyaga , she throws a hissy fit and bars others from seeing her. Refusing to marry a stranger, Kicho-nyan privately confesses her feelings to Misuhuide and proposes to him. Upset by his polite rejection, she runs away from home heartbroken.

    During the chase, Doranyan kills Misuhuide and Kicho-nyan commits suicide to join him. The protagonist's tea bowl resets time to before Misuhuide states his answer to Kicho-nyan. Kicho-nyan realizes the protagonist had a hand in Misuhuide's response by paying attention to his orchestrated gestures.

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    Kicho-nyan pretends to be upset by Misuhuide's haughtiness by agreeing to her marriage, following their plan since she suspects their lives may be threatened. Only then does Doranyan suspect nothing amiss with the two youths. They were reminiscing about their past together. Both imply that they knew of the protagonist's meddling in the past and state their respective thanks before they prepare to welcome the returning Nobunyaga. Oda Nobunaga Den marries her to Nobunaga when he is seventeen in order to seal a political alliance between their families. Before she leaves her home, her father gives her instructions to judge her husband's worthiness as a mate and to kill him if he is truly the fool rumors suggests.

    Although offended by his rudeness, her first meeting with Nobunaga is enough to solidify her positive opinion of his ambitions and cunning. During these private conversations, he trusts his wife's virtue and asks her to watch over him as his living conscious, a task she does sporadically throughout the story.

    She particularly protests his mass executions of his enemies and worries for his worsening image with the public.

    Rachel Alrish

    He berates her concerns, justifying that his actions are for his dominion and peace. The fictional route has her congratulating her husband for unifying their war-torn land. The visual draw for both outfits are the butterfly shaped motif for her sleeves and later obi. While the first game decorates her with butterfly accessories, her revamp in the second game accents her outfit with gold prints and a lavish gradient.

    In both games, she is meant to be a strong and gorgeous woman.

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    Her fourth design was made with the intents of matching Nobunaga's devil-like armor. Since Nobunaga's design took awhile for approval, it also affected the time for her design's finalization. Katsuki Onda drew her concepts for this title.

    In three days and before the fourth on which the great lights were formed he placed the same in their spheres, and thus brought about the natural day. Among all physical things light is the noblest and, next to spiritual creation, the best. Its bounty is most general, and it reaches the smallest places throughout the world. By it all the world is made good and beautiful; for without doing any harm it penetrates all unclean things. God saw that the light was good; for the light is nothing other than a symbol—a tender, thin and hazy image of the initial Goodness.

    Now, when the Spirit drew up the waters and penetrated the nether matter, light was created by the command of the Architect; and it shone forth like a bright cloud, lighting upper regions with its brilliance, as when the morning sun bursts forth and lights up half the heavens. Thereafter God separated the darkness from the light, and made two hemispheres. Because of its brightness he called the light Day; for it clarifies the darkness. And thus he created day and night, by which the endless cycle and course of time were to be marked off, and of which the years were to be made up.

    And it was a day—the first day of the world, but not the first of all days; wherefore it is not called the first day, but a day.